2019 Foundation Goals

The Buckeye Lake Region Community Foundation seeks to achieve its mission by funding approaches that contribute to the transformation of the Buckeye Lake Region.

Below is an overview of projects the Foundation is focused on this year and 2019 funding goals; achieving these goals would not be possible without the generous financial support of our donors.

Buckeye Lake Region Corporation

Additional funding to maintain operation of the Buckeye Lake Region Corporation, which is the backbone of the Foundation’s efforts. 2019 Goal: $40,000

Queen of the Lake

Assist the Buckeye Lake Historical Society in its efforts to upgrade and restore the Queen of the Lake, which will make the stern wheeler available for scheduled tours of Buckeye Lake and special events. The Foundation has secured the assistance of a talented Technical Assistance Committee to provide support to the Historical Society efforts.

Capital Projects

Secure matching funds for the implementation of two major capital projects totaling over $1,500,000 from the State of Ohio. 2019 Goal: $50,000-$75,000


Design and implement the first phase of branded directional signage to support regional activities, restaurants and landmarks. 2019 Goal: $25,000-$50,000

Pier Construction

Continue progress toward the construction of a 2-300 foot pier that will feature a 4,000 sq. ft. event space and dock for the restored Queen of the Lake.

Water Quality

Support the restoration of an additional 4,000 feet of the Feeder Channel to improve the overall water quality of Buckeye Lake, which is critical to enhancing the Region.


By working with the Army Corp of Engineers and elected officials we hope to influence the removal of log jams that are negatively impacting the Buckeye Lake Region


Working directly with affected communities near the dam we are pursuing a permanent solution to the lack of infrastructure that leads to frequent flooding. 2019 Goal $75,000-$125,000