Our Accomplishments

The Buckeye Lake Region Community Foundation has achieved many significant milestones, thanks to the generous financial support of donors and contributions from our volunteers.


Accomplishment Highlights:

• Serve as the primary funding resource to execute the vision of the BLR 2036 Declaration

• Established the Buckeye Lake Region Corporation

• Continuous monetary and organizational support for the Buckeye Lake Region Corporation

• Designed and implemented websites, collateral and marketing efforts to promote the Buckeye Lake Region

• Provided matching funds for the Buckeye Lake Regional Plan

• Funded the Gruen + Gruen Economic Impact Study

• Funded the EMH&T Buckeye Lake Watershed and Feeder Channel Water Quality Study

• Contributed matching funds for the Ohio State University Watershed Study





December 2015

Exploratory Meeting at Buckeye Lake Yacht Club by ULI’s Columbus District Council




January 2016

Community Meeting I: Visioning Session with 270 residents at Lakewood High School


May 2016

Community Meeting II: Approval of the BLR 2036 Declaration and the creation of Task Forces


September 2016

Community Meeting III: Creation of the Buckeye Lake Community Foundation




January 2017

Community Meeting IV: Launching of the website, Economic Impact Study, and re-branding BLR2036 into BL2030


May 2017

Community Meeting V: Hiring of the Executive Director and announcing the Buckeye Lake Region Corporation


June 2017

Preliminary Planning Charrette with DPZ, Heritage Ohio, and Gibbs Planning Group


September 19, 2017

Constitutional Meeting of the Buckeye Lake Region Corporation


September 2017

Community Meeting VI: Update and Introduction of the Buckeye Lake Region Corporation


November 2017

State of Ohio Capitol budget requests submitted for Perry County Lake Access, Expansion of Buckeye Lake Pier and Feeder Creek Water Quality Improvement Project





Community Meetings every January, May and September; Buckeye Lake Region Corporation Presentations to groups region-wide.